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Can You Eat Makhana in Keto Diet? We FINALLY have the Answer!

Is Makhana allowed in keto diet? That is a question that seems to be on everyone’s mind.

Makhana is the vogue food in many weight loss regimes. Because makhana is low in calories and fat, it is considered good for weight-loss. Also, with low Glycemic Index (GI), consuming makhana keeps you full for a longer period which is good if you want to lose weight. 

Having a healthy body is more important than mindlessly attempting to lose weight. In this attempt to play the ‘size-zero’ game, we sometimes miss out on vital nutrients. Our mind and body need macro and micronutrients to function and flourish. 

But some weight-loss regimes can starve your body of these nutrients. In the endeavor to balance weight and nutrition, experts have welcomed the superfood makhana with open arms. Makhana not only helps in weight loss but also provides the body with required nutrition.

A new entrant in the weight-management genre is Keto diet. Keto is a low carb, high fat diet. It is replacing carbohydrate intake with fat. In this process, our body burns the fat into energy. Keto diet has proven beneficial in weight loss and lowering risk of diseases.

The question now is whether fox nuts can be part of the Keto diet. 

The answer is ‘No’ and ‘Yes’. It is not a firm ‘No’. Let’s see how.

Look at the nutritional value of a bowl of makhana:

Calories: 109Cal

Carbs – 21g

Fat – 0

Protein – 5g

As you can see, it is high in carb (considered good carb) and low on fat which is opposite of Keto diet of low carb and high fat. So, if you go by the definition, Makhana doesn’t qualify to be in the Keto diet game. 

But nutrition is complex! 

Even though makhana is not a technical qualifier in the Keto game, it does offer benefits and it can be part of your Keto diet in moderation. 

5 Reasons to Eat Makhana in a Keto Diet

1. Makhana is Light

Makhana is very light in weight and a bowl of makhana will fill you up. It will keep you full for a long time. In Keto diet, you can consume up to 50gms of carbs in a day. A bowl of makhana has only about 20gms of carbs. So, a bowl or 2 is within limits. A better way of consuming makhana in keto is given below.

2. High on Fibre

Fox nuts are high in fibre. Carbohydrates with fibre is considered good. So, when you look at this combination, makhana can be part of Keto diet when consumed in the prescribed quantity.

3. Combining Makhana with Fat 

Makhana is usually roasted and seasoned with ghee, oil and masala. It is also consumed as dessert or kheer or porridge with milk. Combining makhana with oil or milk can be a good way of having fat in a keto diet. Try combining makhana with olive oil, coconut oil, cheese, milk and your Keto diet is set.

4. Makhana Helps with Quality of Food in Keto

Most of the time, in Keto diet, we get caught up counting carbs without paying attention to the quality of food. Our body needs nutrition and makhana is one such food which is a powerhouse of nutrients. Quality of food in keto matters!

5. Makhana Helps Transition into your Keto Diet

With Keto, we often try to cut the carbs and increase fat too much and too quickly. Our body needs to be smoothly transitioned into any change in our diet. Keto is no exception to this. Just starting Keto without giving any notice to your body, you are inviting trouble. Instead have makhanas and slowly moderate the quantity of makhana. This will help your body transition well. Having makhana in the beginning of your keto diet is a good option.

We are not cancelling fox nuts from Keto diet, but it is important to follow the combination and intake quantity while adding it to your Keto diet. Afterall, makhana is a natural superfood. It does not have disadvantages. It just needs to be moderated for Keto. 

Quantity of Makhana in Keto

Makhana is so light and yummy, that you would’ve binged on it without realizing how much has gone in. Binging on makhana is great but not when you are on Keto diet. 

Restrict intake of makhana to a bowl or two per day and not more than that. Split the intake into 2 parts in a day. Consume half of it during the first half of the day and remaining part during the second half. This way you will not overeat and at the same time feel full. 

Easy Makhana Recipes for Keto Diet

Recipe 1 – Roasted Makhana in Virgin Olive or Coconut Oil

Roast a bowl of makhana on low flame for 5-7 minutes and keep it aside

Take 2 spoons of virgin olive or coconut oil in a pan on low heat

Add roasted makhana to the pan and mix

Add a pinch of salt and pepper powder and mix well.

Enjoy the warm crunchy makhanas

Recipe 2 – Cheesy Makhana

Roast a bowl of makhana with little olive oil on low flame for 5-7mins

Add 1-2 spoons of cheese powder along with a pinch of salt

Mix well and enjoy cheesy fox nuts

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Recipe 3 – Peanut Makhana Smoothie

In a mixer, take 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

Add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

1 tablespoon of roasted makhana powder

¼ cup of heavy cream and a cup of ice. Blend well and enjoy!

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