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Makhana Burfi / Makhana Katli Recipe

How to Use Makhanas or Lotus Seeds in Your Weight Loss Journey

Are you a Kaju Katli Lover? If so then try Makhana Katli /Burfi which is equally delicious and adds variety to your regular sweet fare. Makhana Katli is a simple sweet delicacy that you can prepare within 10 mins.


1. Lotus Seeds (Makhana) – 2 cups
2. Ghee – 2½ tsps
3. Desiccated coconut – ½ cup
4. Sugar – ½ to 1 cup according to taste
5. Water – ½ cup
6. A pinch of green cardamom powder
7. Pista slices for garnish


1. Heat 1 tsp ghee in a pan.
2. Add makhana and roast it for 8-10 mins until it becomes crunchy, on low flame. Once it’s ready, transfer it into a bowl and let it cool.
3. Blend roasted makhana in a blender separately into fine powder.
4. Add 1tsps ghee into a pan. Add makhana powder, desiccated coconut and mix on low/medium flame until it is slightly aromatic for 3 mins
5. In a separate pan, add sugar, water, and heat till it turns into a thick syrup.
6. Add the sugar syrup, green cardamom powder into the makhana powder pan and mix well. Cook till the mixture leaves the pan and turns slightly brown.
7. Grease a tray/plate with ghee on all sides. Transfer the mixture and spread it evenly.
8. Sprinkle pista flakes over the burfi and press gently. Makhana katli is ready!

How to Use Makhanas or Lotus Seeds in Your Weight Loss Journey
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