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Makhana Kheer Recipe

Makhana Kheer Recipe

Makhana Kheer is a dessert that is often made during Mahashivratri, Navratri, and even during fasting. This kheer is similar to other kheers yet extremely delicious and healthy. Makhana kheer is super easy to prepare and a great treat to your taste buds.


  1. Makhana ( Fox Nuts or Phool Makhana) – 4 cups
  2. Milk – 1.5 Ltr
  3. Grated/desiccated coconut – ½ cup
  4. Cardamom powder — 2 tsp
  5. 10 -12 cashews or 10 -12 almonds – blanched and sliced
  6. Raisins – 1tbsp
  7. Condensed milk- 400gms (1tin)
  8. A pinch of saffron (optional)
  9. Ghee (clarified butter) – 2-3 tbsp


  1. Take 2 tbsp of ghee in a pan and fry cashews and raisins until it turns golden brown. Keep these aside.
  2. In the same pan, add makhanas and roast until it is crunchy. Keep it aside.
  3. Blend 2/3rd of makhanas in a blender and keep it aside.
  4. Heat milk and stir at intervals and let it come to a boil. 
  5. Add makhana powder into the milk and stir it for a minute and then add remaining whole roasted makhana into the mixture.
  6. Add sweetened condensed milk, stir and cook for another 2 mins.
  7. Add cardamom powder and saffron to the milk and keep stirring it for another 2 minutes.
  8. Let it boil for another 8 – 9 mins until makhana softens and milk thickens.
  9. Lastly, add the fried cashews and raisins.
  10. You can serve it hot/warm/chilled as per your choice.
Makhana Kheer Recipe
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