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Makhana Milkshake Recipe

Makhana Milkshake Recipe

Makhana Milkshake is similar to any other milkshake. The goodness of makhana adds nutritional value to your milkshake and is best to have during summers. As makhana blends easily with any flavor, it would not only make your shake healthy but also gives an excellent texture to your milkshake.


  1. Roasted Makhana – 8-10 pieces
  2. Sugar – 1tbsp (optional as ice cream is used)
  3. Chilled milk – 1 cup
  4. Vanilla Ice Cream – 1 scoop
  5. Almonds – 4
  6. Cashews – 4


  1. In a mixture jar take roasted makhanas, almonds, cashews, and grind it into fine powder.
  2. Take a glass and put this powder and add chilled milk to it.
  3. Finally, add a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream and serve!

Healthy Tips

  1. You can replace sugar with jaggery or dates.
  2. You can also avoid ice cream and add one chilled banana for thickness.


Makhana Milkshake Recipe
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