Nummy – Super Gift Hamper


Gift your loved ones a box full of goodness, nutrition and not to forget, loads of love. Nummy-Superfoods gift hamper contains the health and nutrition of Makhana, in the form of delicious Chocolate makhana, crunchy and yummy flavored makhana, makhana milk booster, makhana sweets and makhana chivda to get your party started.

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There is no waiting for a reason to gift your loved ones. Gift them heaps of health, goodness and love with our Superfoods gift hamper. One order of Nummy- Superfoods Gift Hamper contains:

  • Nummy Chocolate fox nuts
  • Nummy Makhana- Milk booster
  • Nummy Flavored makhana (cheesy/spicy/tangy)
  • Nummy Makhana sweets
  • Nummy Makhana chivda
  • Plantable seed balls
  • Cowdung diya
  • All these in a reusable gift box

These gift boxes can be customized for bulk orders

Nummy-Super Gift Hamper

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Weight 200 g