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FAQs about Nummy Makhana

1Is Nummy Makhana natural?
Yes, Nummy is 100% natural. We use only natural ingredients.
2Where does Nummy Makhana come from?
The makhana we use is harvested from vast ponds found largely in Bihar in India. The seeds are harvested from the ponds, roasted, and popped. We at Nummy, dry roast the popped makhana, sprinkle it with your favorite flavors and pack in the super cute Nummy packets.
3Is Nummy Makhana vegetarian?
Yes, makhana comes from plants.
4Is Makhana made from maida or corn flours?
No, makhana is completely natural and comes from a water lily plant. It is not made from maida or corn flour.
5Is Nummy Makhana fried?
No, Nummy Makhana is dry roasted and not fried making it a healthy snack for you.
6Why is Nummy Makhana good for me?
Makhana is rich in calcium, protein, and fiber. Also high in antioxidants. It is also free of fat and cholesterol.
7Is Nummy Makhana good for children?
Makhana is high in minerals and calcium which is good for children. Nummy Makhana is a good source of natural nutrients for children. Great to pack in their tiffin boxes.
8Can Nummy Makhana help me in losing weight?
Nummy Makhana can help you in your weight-loss journey. Substituting fried food with Nummy Makhana, along with exercise and a healthy diet can help you in achieving healthy weight.