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Health Benefits of Nummy Makhana

Each pack of Nummy is packed with health benefits. We source only the highest quality ingredients and our snacks are filled with natural goodness and plant-based proteins to sustain your healthy lifestyle.

Naturally yummy

Fuel up on naturally yummy Nummy makhana snacks.

Ancient Superfood

A reimagined ancient superfood that’s healthier than ever.


Make Nummy a part of your gluten-free lifestyle.

Guilt-free Snacking

Nummy makes snacking healthy and guilt-free.

nutrition source

Nummy makhana is as nutritious as it’s delicious.

vegan protein

Nummy is a plant-based protein powerhouse packed with nutrients.

What is Makhana: A Quick Overview

We get these questions a lot: What exactly is makhana? Where does it come from? And what are its health benefits? If you have these questions in your mind right now, this short explainer video is for you. Watch it to learn everything you need to know about makhana and why it should be an essential part of your daily diet.

Nummy Makhana in the News

Nummy Makhana Featured by The Hindu

Nummy Featured on The Hindu

Read about how our love for Bihar’s staple makhana helped build an all-woman enterprise in a small hamlet in interior Karnataka

Nummy Makhana Featured by YourStory

Nummy Featured on YourStory

Read about how our all-women healthy foods startup managed to launch during the pandemic in a rural area with limited resources and challenges posed by the lockdown.

Raksha Shenoy Interview - Marketing Mantra Podcast

Nummy Featured on the Marketing Mantra Podcast

Tune in to this episode of Marketing Mantra w/ Nummy founder Raksha Shenoy as she shares her unique perspective on building a socially conscious brand. You’ll learn what it means to be a socially conscious startup and how you can move in this direction. 

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